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Most residential stretch-in installations do not require moisture testing.


Before direct glue-down, double-glue down and free floating carpet tile systems, the owner or general contractor, or their designated testing agent, is required to submit to the flooring contractor a written report on the moisture and alkalinity conditions of the concrete substrates.


Refer to the manufacturer’s written instructions for guidelines regarding allowable moisture and pH limits for their products. The Moisture Vapor Emission Rate, Relative Humidity & Alkalinity testing must be performed to give an accurate assessment of the concrete condition and the test results/data of each test shall be within acceptable limits.


Proper testing is essential for a successful installation and any deviation from these industry accepted test methods often results in an installation failure and may void manufacturers’ warranties.


NOTE:  It is recommended that qualified independent third-party testing agencies be used for determining moisture and alkalinity conditions of a concrete slab.  Testing by an independent third party specialist to determine installation suitability is a prudent and necessary safeguard for general contractors, owners, architects, flooring product providers and installation contractors to reduce the risk of concrete slab moisture related flooring problems.  As a minimum, testing agencies or individuals are required to demonstrate verifiable experience in concrete moisture testing or be certified by a recognized organization.