Ambient Temperature and Humidity Suitable Substrates

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Ambient Temperature and Humidity Suitable Substrates

The installation is not to begin until the HVAC system is operational and the following conditions are maintained for at least 48 hours before, during and 72 hours after completion.  The carpet is to be installed when the indoor temperature is 65-95º F (18-35º C) with a maximum relative humidity of 65%.  The substrate surface temperature should not be less than 65º F (18º C) at time of installation. Do not allow the temperature of

indoor carpeted areas to fall below 50º F (10º C), regardless of the age of the installation.  If these conditions are not attainable, contact the flooring manufacturer for warranty implications.


NOTE:  If the above conditions are not met, installations may be susceptible to moisture related failures including but not limited to dew point condensation.